Saturday, May 9, 2020

TV Appearance!

Hello. Back in 2012 I was featured on our week night TV program New Hampshire Chronicle as I neared the end of my Draw-NH project. We’re a small state, but we’ve got a lot of towns. From 2011-12, I visited them all and drew what caught my eye in each. There’s a link to the Chronicle piece in the Recent Publicity section of the sidebar here, down a little bit on the right. I finished the project a month later at Town #234, Rollinsford. By 2014, I had learned how to put all these drawings into a book. Then, with my new knowledge of publishing, I made two more books over the next four years. The proof copy of a fourth book just arrived in the mail, and after a few tweaks will join the three others at Amazon or for order at any bookshop. These days, pretty much stuck at home, I can be found with my morning coffee, sketching and painting in my sunny window seat.

So in this time of virtual travel, we contacted the Chronicle people and suggested that they might like to do an update and take things right up to the present. They jumped at the opportunity.
I had a video conversation with the producer via Zoom, and then we had a very intense couple of days of gathering up samples from all 4 books and other recent work to send to them. This will all be skillfully edited down to 6 minutes, and aired at 7PM Eastern on Wednesday May 13th.
Here's a link to their preview:
If you're local, it’s easy to watch the program WMUR Channel 9 in Manchester. Now, thanks to modern technology, you don't have to be local. You can watch a live stream at this address. Show up there a bit before 7, and keep clicking till it snaps in.
And if you can't make it to the broadcast or the live stream, you will be able to find it online a day or two later here:

All 4 books

The 7 regions of New Hampshire
A total of 234 cities and towns

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Scavenger Hunt Through The Alphabet

Here is a video, 19 minutes in length, that I made while flipping through the pages of a sketch book. It kept me happily occupied for nine days. I hope it gives some pleasure to you. A drawing group from Boston made the suggestion to do an ABC at home Art Scavenger Hunt, and here it is.

Friday, February 14, 2020

California and New Hampshire

The view from our Los Angeles airbnb shows the fascinating mix of Art Deco from the 20s and 30s, and the new financial district starting in the 90s. We took a little break from NH snow with our quick trip to California to visit our older daughter and her husband. The peaked roof new building caught the morning sun so beautifully. The shadows kept shifting as I drew.

This sketchbook is 3.5" x 5.5". It is the easiest size to carry around on a day to day basis. I am quite amazed how much information fits onto a small page.

I love the trees in downtown Los Angeles, DTLA. Such smooth grey bark on their trunks and limbs.

The building on the right, another Art Deco delight, is where our daughter and husband live. On the tenth floor, near the palm trees.

We sat in the sun for a while next to the large tropical plant. Others had the same idea. 

Our daughter and hubby have two pugs. I sketch one at every visit. 

I also tried my hand at drawing another dog, Batman. 

Every day we ate breakfast in a very authentic French bakery. We sat at the scrubbed pine family table. See how the cups have no handles? That is a French style breakfast cup, usually only used at home. It keeps your hands warm.

Los Angeles has more museums than any other American city. On our first day we headed up the hills to the Getty Museum to view a show featuring paintings of French artist Edouard Manet. The museum is huge with several buildings and extensive gardens. Free admission! Just pay for parking.

The temperature was just right for lingering. I draw what interests me, especially if I have never seen it before. In this case, I admired the grand effect of the re-bar tree-like structures. Inside are planted bougainvillea bushes which grow right out of the top.

It was another breakfast at the cafe. I remembered to draw my beautiful mixed fruit tart at about the halfway mark. 

The drawing on the right was the view from our lunch at the Blossom Restaurant in Chinatown/Los Angeles.

The new financial district has very tall, very modern buildings,all different one from the other. I sat poolside on the tenth floor of our daughter’s apartment building for this view. I enjoyed watching the shadows move across the colored glass structures.

Back in New Hampshire, my eye was searching for color. In February, flowers are the easiest way to do that.

Last week, on a very windy and snowy night, our little town had an annual gathering, Dinner With Jack Frost, in the town hall.  Several restaurants donate food. And we buy tickets as it is a fund raiser. The decisions are tough: there are far too many offerings to try all of them.

A couple of days later, I sketched the spaces between some white and some pink flowers.