Summer Activities - 2018

 Here's a quick index of things I plan to be involved with this summer: artist/author talks, market events, and more. Click any of them to get directly to the description, or scroll down to follow the summer as it unfolds.

Dover Library Exhibit       June 1 – 28
Portsmouth Market Square Day
June 9
Dover Library Talk
June 12
Wilmot Library Craft Class
June 22
New London Strawberry Festival
June 23
Stoddard Library Talk
July 18
Hanover Library Talk
July 23
Meredith Library Sketching Class
July 21 – August 11
New London Hospital Days
August 4

Here’s my plan for the busy summer of 2018. As the summer progresses I’ll add a brief description of how each event went, move the line of events yet to come farther down the page, and continue to update as new events appear on the calendar.

A big part of this summer’s busy schedule involves showing my latest book at markets and other locations, and giving talks that describe some of the thoughts and techniques involved with creating the books and the associated artwork. Here’s my latest book. Click for link to Amazon.

This is the product of a year’s worth of walking the streets of Portsmouth, looking up, looking down, looking around, and capturing the charm of this fascinating place. As with my previous two books, it was published by Piscataqua Press of Portsmouth, an affiliate of the well established local shop RiverRun Bookstore on Daniel Street, just off of Market Square, operated by Tom Holbrook.

The season began with Portsmouth’s annual Market Square Day on June 9th. The entire center of town was closed to traffic, filled with booths featuring art, craft, food, and lots more, and with the many thousands of people who came out to partake of the action. Tom set up two tents in front of his shop, and I had a table in one of them, highlighting both my Portsmouth book and my earlier book Colorful Journey, which features a drawing of every town in New Hampshire. Conversations with shoppers were fun, and business was brisk. A great time was had by all.

Look carefully and you can see my Portsmouth book, top and center in the shop’s window.

Two days later, many thousands of honeybees descended upon Market Square. We were thankful that they had delayed their visit.

My first library appearance of the summer was at the Dover Public Library, not far from Portsmouth. It included an exhibition of paintings based on my earlier Portsmouth drawings, running through June 28th, plus an illustrated talk on June 12th titled:

Traveling with Sketchpad in Hand: New Hampshire and Beyond

Here’s a link to the nice announcement that the library posted in the local paper.


A very attentive crowd of 15 people, both artists and travelers, came to the talk. One couple brought their copy of my New Hampshire book, complete with Post-It tabs noting the towns they had visited and the ones they had lined up to get to soon. The audience was very engaged throughout, and they especially enjoyed the opportunity to peruse my sketchbooks and to learn about and experiment with my various tools and materials.

Wilmot Public Library
Wilmot, New Hampshire
Thursday, June 22, 6:00 – 8:00
A Special Card for a Special Occasion
Designing and creating an accordion-fold card

On the Summer Solstice, 8 students and I met at the Joyce Tawney Creativity Lab, Wilmot Public Library, Wilmot, New Hampshire. We admired, sketched, and painted several colorful blooms onto our accordion-fold sketchbooks.

New London Strawberry Festival
On the Town Green
Saturday, June 23, 10:00 – 3:00
Selling books and notecards

I got a space nicely situated in the center strip between two major pathways, so there was lots of traffic throughout the day.

A high point of the day was recognizing a group of ‘Barnies’, Acting Interns from our summer stock theater, the New London Barn Playhouse, and giving them my entire stock of cards containing images of the Barn. I ran out partway through but will soon make amends.
 Books and Notecards on display. And a very tasty example of why they call this the Strawberry Festival. The locally grown berries were especially sweet!

The heavy rain appeared at 1, so we closed up shop. But it was a successful day by all measures.


Yet to come!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the summer. I’ll update each entry with impressions of the occasion after it takes place.


Davis Public Library
Stoddard, New Hampshire
Wednesday, July 18, 7:00 – 8:30
Traveling with Sketchpad in Hand: New Hampshire and Beyond
An illustrated talk, including a video of my appearance on New Hampshire Chronicle. Followed by an opportunity to peruse my sketchbooks and to learn about and experiment with my various tools and materials.

Meredith Public Library
Meredith, New Hampshire
Sketching Class: Drawing on Your Memories
A four-class program, Saturdays, July 21 – August 11, 10:00 – 12:00
Advance registration required
[Scroll down that page to July 21 for detail.]

Howe Public Library
Hanover, New Hampshire
Monday, July 23, 7:00 – 8:30
Traveling with Sketchpad in Hand: New Hampshire and Beyond
(As described above)

New London Hospital Days Craft Fair
On the Town Green
Saturday, August 4, 9:00 – 3:00
Selling books and notecards

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