Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and more Baltimore

I like to draw on site because I see the scene in a different, more profound way, and the memory is stored in my mind in a whole other way too. My sketchpad is small, and I usually draw while standing. One time I found out that a passerby thought I was a meter-maid and was writing a ticket for her car.

I drew this picture standing inside the gift shop, not buying, because it was raining.

Strawbery Banke Historical Park, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
View through the gift shop window

Church Hospital, Baltimore, where Edgar Allen Poe died

One of the oldest (and crookedest) houses in Baltimore, circa 1790. Sold in 1980 for $1.
A fixer-upper it was!

Baltimore downtown skyline, from an alley looking west

Sunset from our rowhouse, looking west to the Inner Harbor

The doorway to our rowhouse, Baltimore. Birds painted by me

A corner shrine to a victim of crime. A sad place

Afternoon sunshine, Baltimore rowhouse

Street menu in Spanish, Baltimore

High Grounds Coffee Roasters and Books, Baltimore

High Grounds Coffee Roasters and Books

The Elk of Elkins, NH (a part of New London). A local spoof of the fiberglass gnu sculptures of ‘Gnu’ London

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Hampshire and Italy

June Posting

It was a beautiful spring in New Hampshire!
(and a few drawings of Italy too)

The barn at the bottom of the hill, the red glowing next to the pink apple blossoms

The same barn, with the view of the lake and the mountain

The Barn Playhouse in New London, a summer stock theater since 1933

The town library, the Tracy Library, a house built in the early 1800's

The Pillsbury Library in Warner, NH circa 1905

A glorious lilac, and a once grand home

A field of lupines

Sunday nap time for Simon

Family trip to Venice, 2007
View from our apartment

Venice 2007, endless choices of masks

Family trip to Chianti, Tuscany 2007
View from our terrace

Terra cotta shop, Radda, Italy 2007