Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Hampshire
For this month, I thought I would do a nice review of some of my past drawings/paintings of Pleasant Lake. This is the lake at the bottom of the hill where we live in New Hampshire. Behind it presides Mount Kearsarge. I drew this view from Morgan Hill.

At the south end of the lake is the village of Elkins. It is all peaceful and quiet these days, but was once a busy scene of mills and factories making scythes. A few remnants of the mills exist, but only in the form of a scattered walls, and foundations along the millstream.

I drew the band stand. Local musical groups play here on Sunday nights in the summer. Yes, the roof is a little crooked. In my drawing, not in real life.

Still on the south end near the branch post office and a small town public beach. We are now looking at Morgan Hill.

The same place with the same birch tree and the same white pine.

On the north side of the lake is our communally shared beach.

Another view of our beach on a busy Sunday afternoon. Must have been a great day for sailing.

And here I am in my kayak, with my sketchbook and pencil. I colored it at home.

Looking away from the beach, we see the Inn at Pleasant Lake. And the red annex building. It is an old barn where we have events. Our two recreational kayaks are here on the beach, although not the ones I drew.

A panoramic view of Pleasant Lake and Mount Kearsarge and several boaters. And little people enjoying the sandy beach. The light on the hills and the water was shifting from one second to the next. It was fascinating to watch and a challenge to capture.

I’ll end with a winter scene from the inn, looking at Mount Kearsarge and the ice covered, snow covered lake.