Sunday, May 5, 2019

New Hampshire

Come see my upcoming exhibit.

Twiggs Gallery in nearby Boscawen, New Hampshire, is presenting an exhibit of art employed as illustration in books, and of books about art. I qualify in both domains and am happy to be included in the show. I will be offering the original drawings of three illustrations in my second book, Pep Talks for the Would-Be, Should-Be Artist, and also offering copies of all three of my books.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, May 11, from 1 to 3, and the show will continue through July 11.

Now that I have included books in the art media that I deal with, I have come to notice some interesting observations from those in the publication business. They go something like, "Oh, you’re an author. You wrote the book. Who illustrated it for you?"

Nope, I do both, with of course the assistance of my family consortium of daughter Karin, the graphic designer, and husband Bruce, the indispensable computer guy in the middle.

The gallery is located at the western junction of US Routes 3 and 4 in Boscawen, a little bit north of Concord and close to Interstate 93. Hope you will be able to get there.