Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Hampshire, New York, and Ontario

New Hampshire

One room schoolhouse, 1868, Sutton. No longer in use.
Note bell at the right.

Schoolhouse, Route 11, New London.
I think the two doors separated the girls from the boys. A private residence now.

A one room schoolhouse, moved on site to the New London Historical Society Village.

The Inn at Pleasant Lake, New London.
I sat on the grass across the road to draw this long building in order to highlight
the late summer perennial flowers.

Western New York

The home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Seneca Falls.
Part of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.
That’s Elizabeth and her seven children taking a walk. I tried to feel her presence when I was there.

A four foot (no pun intended) high set of boots covered with velvet maple leaves.
These were in the window display of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

The view across the street from our rental vacation house in Toronto.
The trouble with duplexes.

Corner of Danforth and Gillard Avenues, Greektown, Toronto.
This says Toronto to me....Asian, Middle Eastern, Greek, and Ethiopian store front businesses in one building.
The two guys in front of the Greek Social Club invited me for coffee.

Kingston, Ontario, at the eastern end of Lake Erie.
The defense towers were built in 1845 to protect the strategic Rideau Canal
during a dispute with the U.S. over claims for Oregon and Washington.
Though that crisis is long past, the wind farm on the right is a response to the current energy concerns.
The pleasure boats have their colorful summer canvas roofs.

Strawberries from Spring Ledge Farm, New London.