Wednesday, April 8, 2015

California and Alberta

Four Easter lilies bloomed, along with some furry African violets.  I drew them as they opened because their beauty is fleeting.

This is a ‘wonder what I should draw’ moment. How about my new rug, my colored pencil set and my orange iPad?  It is a floral pattern so it relates to the sketch above and below.

Drawing the spaces that are not my Easter lily.

Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is a nice place to spend some time. I loved the golden fish on the roof, the blue ceramic tiles on the roof, the sun shades, and the outdoor eating. People watching was entertaining too. The round grey shapes are shadows of paper lanterns.

A few degrees to the right lends a new scene to draw. 

Another slight turn gets me another viewpoint.

Here we have a drawing of approximately the same scene by guest artist, Noelle. Our granddaughter. She used her artistic license to make all the lanterns red.

We went on a hike at a place near Santa Monica called Los Leones. The day was warm, dry, and yet foggy looking down towards the beach and the Pacific Ocean.  I drew one salamander but we saw lots.  We are on the edge of a cliff path looking down on rooftops and at the beach.  The horizon is lost in the sea mist.

After the hike, we spent some time at the sandy beach with large beautiful rocks.

It’s a soft padded sculpture in an indoor playground in Edmonton Canada.  Lots of very young kids scooted around.  I just added one toddler for scale. Our much bigger grandchildren were running around in a four story padded climbing house.