Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Twas a month of being under the weather. The outside air was grey, damp, cold, and persistently snow-flake filled. And various viruses were setting up competing shops in my throat, mostly. So here is my artist’s solution. I bought a bunch of orange lilies, all tightly budded. When lilies bloom, they do it with drama, flair (literally and figuratively), energy, and life. I drew them over and over again, about 24 times. Watching them open, watching til the petals fall off after giving it their all. And drawing that too.

I drew them on my iPad with a my digital art app, without a plan of progression. I present a selection of my thought process.

And the last drawing is a another bunch of lilies, bought for a birthday party. The weather has improved. My cough has been beaten back, and we all get to witness the lilies do their dance again.