Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alberta, British Columbia, and Massachusetts

We were waiting for our plane to Toronto. I drew the view of Boston’s Logan airport. On the far right is downtown Boston. It is across the harbor, but the water was not visible from this angle.

And for contrast, here is the view from our waiting lounge at the Vancouver airport in far western Canada. The mountains are not the Rockies, but the equally impressive Coastal Range.

Our eight year old grandson Wyatt is posing for me behind an all metal table hockey set that was designed and built by his great grandfather on his paternal side. One door knob handle turns to work all the players on one side. All the gears on the underside are connected with strips of inner tube rubber. Quite ingenious.

Our older granddaughter Noelle was having a late morning, still in her pajamas. She was drawing, so I drew her.

This is her drawing of the view out of the window of the condo across the parking lot to a matching condo. Then she added an imaginary tree full of song birds and two more courting on the railing.  To me, it seems the flower is saying “can I be a bird and fly away too?”