Friday, September 4, 2009

New Hampshire, New Orleans

A bucket of blueberries, picked by me. I sat down in the field to draw them.
I loved the red color as well.

The old mills at Claremont, NH. They are now being renovated.
Mt. Ascutney, in Vermont, is in the background.

An old house in Newport, NH.
I never saw a house that looked like this. The double veranda looks very Southern to me.
Perhaps the builder's family moved to New Hampshire from the South.
And the medallion is very oversized and boastful-looking

Sunapee Harbor, NH. Two tourists are taking time out for a game of checkers.
My husband and I are sitting under the canopy, having a picnic.

The Ryder Corner School, 1810–1938. Croyden NH.
Moved to the
Muster Field Farm Museum in North Sutton, NH in 1991

End of the summer corn. Inexpensive and delicious.

A view from our hotel in the French Quarter, New Orleans. A family trip in 1987.