Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Hampshire

I have been drawing and painting a lot of buildings lately. I need a break from all the rooflines and angles of perspective. So on this blog post, I choose to focus on plants and flowers.

These two flowering plants in pots were not next to each other really. The two drawings are part of my collection of colorful planters on the street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They make a nice contrast with each other.

On the right is another planter from Portsmouth, NH. All three pieces are cast iron. The two on the left are fancy fence posts.

A wonderfully large hollyhock bush shows off next to an open doorway in Portsmouth. The chair on the lawn is part of a sale. I believe it is an enticement to enter the house and look at the offerings. I didn’t.

And finally, a grouping of wildflowers blowing in the breeze on Star Island, eight miles off the coast of New Hampshire. Star Island is a part of the Isles of Shoals.

 Fishermen from England sailed all the way across the ocean to catch the plentiful cod here. The fish were salted and dried and hauled all the way back. This was in the 1600s.

Since the 1800s, summer visitors have been arriving to spend quality time on this rocky outcropping. An enormous old wooden hotel is still there, looking proud to offer respite.