Friday, January 22, 2010

December in Edmonton

We live on the east coast of the United States. Our younger daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren live in western Canada in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. We visit as often as we can.

Our grandson is almost two years old. Since we hadn't seen each other for 3 months, he warmed up to me by the age-old game of peek-a-boo. I played back, with the vase of flowers between us.

Edmonton, a large city, is a four hour drive east of the Rocky Mountains. In other words, it is in the prairies, and flat almost everywhere. This is the view out of the kitchen window towards the downtown of the city. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there.

The view up the street on a very cold night. The snow is fresh, and as yet unsanded. The lights turned it pink and purple.

Our grandson, in a spontaneous nap, before the fireplace. Peanut, the cat, watches over him.

The view from the front window. The long cold winters in Edmonton do not delay house construction, or any other activities either. The frame is wood, with a finish probably in stucco.

The view through the case at the Second Cup coffee shop on Twenty Third avenue, within walking distance. Yeah! In front Nanaimo bars, in behind are butter tarts, and a lone sausage roll. Nanaimo bars are no-bake bars and the yellow layer is a mixture of sugar, butter, and powdered custard mix. Nanaimo is a town on Vancouver Island. The web has plenty of recipes to choose from. Their coffee is excellent here too.

Barney, a very old Jack Russell dog, who was visiting with his family from Montana, for the holidays.

All the house guests and host family went sledding, twice. It was the first time for the two toddlers, who joined in the merriment.

Walking home after sledding. Even though we are looking north, the sunset colors were beautiful, all pink and orange. Some windows on the tall buildings looked ablaze.

Peanut, the cat, asleep by the fire. He is a feisty old thing, but he has learned to be patient with children. Up to a point.

A cooking lesson. Our two granddaughters making pizza with their other grandmother. It was a pretty full house, and lots of fun.

Our younger granddaughter with her favorite dollies. She asked to pose for me, on the last morning of my extended winter visit. I was happy to draw her and plan to do many more. She will be five soon.