Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drawings of Highlandtown, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Highlandtown is a small neighborhood in the eastern side of Baltimore. As the name suggests, it is on a ridge with great views of sunsets, the Baltimore Harbor skyline, and the Independence Day fireworks. Originally settled by Germans, then Poles and Italians, its most recent residents are Latinos. These families come from Mexico and Central America. Many do not speak English well, but they learn. And their children learn even faster and help out their parents.

These drawings, done in winter 2009, show a neighborhood in transition. In the spring they were exhibited at the High Grounds Coffee Shop in Baltimore, and they were included in a fundraiser for the Patterson Park Public Charter School, also in the city. I’m happy to report that they raised quite a bit of interest and money.

Eastern Avenue, I

Eastern Avenue, II

Eastern Avenue, III

Colorful Corner, with children’s mosaic

Cinco de Mayo

Pinatas and Peppers

Di Pasquale’s Italian Market
(Mural in adjacent alley)

Canton Library
This image now appears on a coffee bag at High Grounds!

Looking Out the Window

The Fine Art of the Nap

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