Monday, September 27, 2010

New Hampshire

I was sitting on the tiny wharf at Pleasant Lake, and turned around. This is the view: colorful kayaks, the building on the right called the annex, and the Inn at Pleasant Lake.

At the other end of the small lake is our post office. Here is the view from the parking lot. I don’t have to search out beauty around here, as it surrounds me. The leaves are just starting to turn their fiery autumn colors on Morgan Hill in the background. Our house is in the woods on the lower hillside, approximately where the birch trees cross.

This is Main Street in Newport, two towns over to the west. The middle building with the turret is the old court house, now the location of a nice restaurant. I love to draw red brick buildings. Bricks are an amazing thing to make with the local clay.

This imposing building just a few buildings down the street from the last drawing is called the Eagle Block. It was recently saved from demolition. Once a hotel, it now has a great Irish pub on the ground floor. Both buildings date to 1826.

Here we have the view from our coffee shop in New London, called Ellie’s Deli. I love birch trees.

This month the New London Garden Club hosted a flower show with competitions and exhibits, which was held in the Town Hall. The Town Hall is where we vote, and also the site of concerts and lectures. The windows are large and the color of the walls is wonderful. It is a sort of celestial blue.

Some of the vegetable entries.

More vegetable entries.

Some entries in the grasses and shrubs categories.

And there are always many entries for dahlias. I loved how the sun was shining through the petals, with sort of a stained glass effect.

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