Monday, May 30, 2011

Behind the scenes!

I have always enjoyed tools, materials, and processes. So my plan is to start sending out one or two photos of what’s going on in the weeks that I don’t post the regular blog. These will show what’s in the works, aspects of how I go about creating these drawings, or other things that might have happened along the way.

Here are my colored pencils (woodless) made in the Czech Republic (marketed by Koh-I-Noor), a 7mm #2 retractable lead pencil (from Staples), and my pigmented ink pens (Pigma Micron) from Japan. This kind of ink is fade proof.

And an eraser

Here is my sketch of Salisbury, New Hampshire, ready to color. You’ll see it on next month’s blog. I’m working in earnest now on my Draw Every Town in New Hampshire project, DRAW-NH! My paper is so small so it can fit easily into my purse. That way I am always ready to go. This challenges me to capture the scene in just a few square inches, and it allows me to sketch quickly and inconspicuously when the situation demands.

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