Monday, June 13, 2011

Behind the Scenes!

I continue my DRAW-NH! project, drawing all 234 towns in the state. Here I am standing in the road in Marlow. The monument in front of me is unusual because it depicts a soldier from World War l, rather than the Civil War as is common in many towns here.

And my version of the scene. Although I have no aptitude for making three dimensional art, I enjoy looking at and drawing monuments and sculpture of all kinds. I admire the skills of the artists. My paternal grandfather was a stone cutter, brave enough to take hammer and chisel to marble. I spent a lot of time with him and I think my love of stone and sculpture comes from these memories.


  1. Drawing that statute must have been challenging but the picture is simply amazing!
    Sarah T.

  2. Sue Anne - I love this idea of drawing every town. Have fun exploring NH! - Susan