Monday, August 8, 2011

Behind the Scenes!

I liked the unusual window treatments on this Community Church in Goshen, N.H. That is why I did a close up view. It is all white painted wood and clear glass.

This is the main square in Bristol, N.H. I drew this while sitting on a park bench. I liked the buildings, and enjoyed the mountain ash tree that partially obscured them. I have memories of coming to this town with my father and grandfather when I was a child. I had not been back in many a moon.

The circle is a business sign on the green Victorian building. I never pass up an opportunity to draw a large ice cream cone sign..on the left.

Today I drew this building at Bradford Center, N.H. It is the Congregational Society Meeting House, 1838. When the railroad was built, with the depot a few miles away, the whole town shifted to the new center of action and growth. But this building has been cared for and valued and occasionally used ever since.

I met a young couple yesterday who told me that they were married here. And asked if I had drawn it yet. And so I did.

The wood trim around the doors is ornate and unusual, but I will have to do a closeup to get that in. The white building is wooden clapboards, and shutters in green. The panes of glass are clear.

It was raining heavily as I sat in the car and drew the library in Grantham, N.H. It is newly painted, and renovated I think. And it looks grand.

Lately we have been attending a lot of craft shows, as vendors. People tell us all kinds of fascinating stories. And most have suggestions of beautiful places to draw, most of them unknown to me. So it is an enjoyable time for us both.

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