Friday, April 26, 2013

Late breaking news

Things happen at the last minute in Radio and TV Land.  I just learned that my January interview with New Hampshire Public Radio is scheduled to air tonight, probably on the local segment of All Things Considered at 6:30.  But it’s already up online, accompanied by a nice album of my drawings.  It should be available there forever, so there’s no need to tune to 89.1 on your radio dial—if your radio still has a dial.  Here’s a link.

Relatives and friends will spot a few minor factual errors.  We never lived in California, and my husband never ran a store in Alton.  That was his aunt and uncle’s Busy Corner Store in Alton Bay (I drew that, of course), though he did run the soda fountain one day when they were attending their daughter’s graduation in Boston and his family pitched in to keep the store running.  Fox watching the chicken coop it was.