Monday, December 30, 2013

Alberta, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

This is Squiggy, who lives in Canada. He loves his high perch. The popcorn box was just sitting on the table and I liked the design of it.

The old library in Jackson, New Hampshire sort of reminds me of a gingerbread house. Jackson now has a new library, so to speak. An old barn was moved and marvelously renovated into a new town library about a half mile away.  This building is still in use for community activities.

Gingerbread houses are very popular this time of year, at least in the U.S.

I call this drawing “Seasonal and Unseasonal”.  The many cards on our table tell us that it is the Christmas season, with wishes for the New Year 2014.  The cantaloupe melon is not in season here in New Hampshire, but was grown somewhere warm and shipped here.  It was ripe, delicious, and tasted of summer. 

Tuba Christmas happens every year in New London, and in lots of other places around the world as well.  This is the third year that I have drawn it.  The conductor never knows who is going to show up or what sort of tuba-ish instrument they might be bringing with them.  One rehearsal in the morning, and it’s on with the show.  Fun and humor abound!

I had an index card with me when we were driving from New Hampshire to Connecticut.  I was using it as a book mark. These are some mountains, or maybe hills, in Massachusetts just north of Springfield.  I drew quickly as we passed by these bumpy shapes. I have always loved the way the light hits them, and it was a pleasure to try to capture them with my pencil.  It was Christmas day and the sky was filled with contrails, showing that many people were traveling.

Happy New Year 2014!


  1. Well, naturally I love Squiggy best! Never heard of Tuba Christmas, but I DID make two gingerbread houses this year.

  2. We did suspect that you would be drawn to the picture of our friend Squiggy. He does like his perch up there. Sometimes he surveys the scene in the house, sometimes he looks through the window and watches the hockey players at the nearby neighborhood rink, but most of the time he sleeps. He's a cat.

    There was Tuba Christmas at four locations in Maryland this year. All done now, but check back around Thanksgiving time next year for the schedule.

  3. We just learned that Squiggy has a new 4 month old friend, tentatively named Leo. I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures of him after our next trip to Alberta.