Friday, December 12, 2014

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Alberta. And Nepal!

 The BOOK!! of which I have been speaking for the last four years has been printed in Tennessee, and my proof copy looks so good. The colors are accurate to the originals, always a challenge in art reproduction. Folks who have already ordered a copy, sit tight. It’s said to be in shipment. People who live near me in NH can order from me if you want. It will be available in local bookstores soon too. Far away fans, just order it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

At 255 pages and 2.2 pounds, it is my magnum opus. Thanks to all who helped and encouraged me!!

And now, on with the blog!

 Here is my new knitted hat, made in Nepal. I don’t knit, although my mother did try to teach me. While I was drawing, all sort of questions floated around in my mind. Who made it?  Who raised the sheep, sheared the wool, spun the yarn and dyed it?  I get satisfaction from pondering about all these other human beings without a hope of knowing the answers. I send out little rays of appreciation in the atmosphere for their efforts.

We were in Rockport, Massachusetts, for my birthday in September. I drew this harbor as a way of practicing with my new brush set.

My third try with my new brush with the water reservoir in the handle. The name Motif #1 is a tongue in cheek name for this Rockport fishing shack. That is because it is said to be overdone and hence a trite subject. I painted it once before, when I was 14.

These practice drawings gave me confidence in the brush set, and I was very happy with the results it provided during our early autumn trip to France. Some of those drawings appeared on last month’s blog, and there will be more as I work through the collection.

We went to a pet shop while visiting the grandchildren in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Here is what I drew. Drawing requires such close observation that it is a form of meditation.

Edmonton has a great museum called the Royal Albert Museum. The grandchildren drew taxidermied birds of their choice.

Our younger granddaughter chose the same bird as her sister, in a different pose.

The winterberries are very abundant this year. I added the red (male) cardinals from my imagination. Later I was told that cardinals do not eat winterberries. Oh, well. It makes a nice design.

Blueberry pie is one of my favorites. I ordered this pie from a baker in town, and gave her a blueberry pie card as a retirement present.

We have had this toy train set for thirty years or more. We bought it in Germany.  When I brought it out as a holiday decoration, I got the inspiration to draw it.  The shadows add a finishing touch.

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