Sunday, September 30, 2012

Appearing on TV

This is a quick announcement that my project to draw all 234 towns in New Hampshire will be featured on the New Hampshire Chronicle program on Channel 9 in Manchester at 7pm this Tuesday, October 2.  This program is a real institution here in New Hampshire, and I'm excited to be featured on it.

Last month they did over 3 hours of taping, both an interview and an on-location drawing session, and through some magical process they will edit it down to their typical 6 minutes in length.  It was lots of fun working with these people, and I can't wait to see the finished product.

They usually post a copy of the program online within a day or two.  I'll get back to you all with a link once it's available.  Meanwhile, here's the announcement.


  1. The story on Chronicle was great! My wife and I really enjoyed it. We noticed we live in one of the towns not yet visited; New Durham. We have a small farm right on Main Street where our daughter raises Belted Galloway cattle ("Oreo cookie cows"), pigs, chickens and turkeys. All on pasture and all natural. We hope you will stop by the farm when you come to our town!
    Bob & Robin Bickford
    Diamond B Farm
    New Durham, NH

  2. A very belated thank you. I have seen your Oreo cows.