Friday, October 5, 2012

My TV interview is now online

Reaction to the New Hampshire Chronicle piece about my DRAW-NH project was terrific.  We got lots of nice emails from friends both old and brand new, and there were over 1000 hits on my blog and associated sites by the end of the day it aired. Channel 9 has now posted the program on their website, so it’s available to all my blog readers worldwide.  Here’s a link.

We were on the other side of the continent when the program aired, so seeing it online today was our first exposure to it.  We’re very happy at how it turned out. Big thanks to Mary-Paige Provost the producer, Paul Falco the cameraman, and all the others in the production crew for the great work they did putting this together.  It was a pleasure working with them, and they really demonstrated their professional skills in the finished product. 

With over 3 hours of interview edited down to 6 minutes, a few things did end up on the cutting room floor.  They did somehow fail to note that the on-location drawing scenes took place at the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, now operated as part of the New Hampshire State Park system.  Justine of the Frost Farm staff was very helpful to us during our visit there, and we learned a lot more about Frost in the process. And my mention of Urban Sketchers (see description in the sidebar to the right of this page) didn’t make it into the final 6 minutes.  If you enjoy my on-location work, check out the work there by many other artists worldwide.

With 217 of New Hampshire’s towns already drawn, I’m easily within striking distance of my goal of drawing all 234 by the end of the year.  I’m actually shooting for doing it on November 17th at a mill in Rollinsford now repurposed for use as artists’ studios.  It seems a very fitting place.

I do have quite a backlog of towns that have been drawn but not posted on the blog, and hence not linked from my DRAW-NH site.  I’ll be working on getting all that in order.  And this blog will continue forever, because my colorful journey will never stop.


  1. What a great undertaking Sue Anne. I really enjoy the cheerful character of your work.