Sunday, March 3, 2013

A touch of springtime in New Hampshire

The Elkins, NH, Post Office is where we pick up our mail. This building used to be a restaurant, and hungry summer visitors lined up at the side windows for ice cream cones.

 The snow piles are deep this March, but the roads and parking lots are bare except for all the winter-accumulated brown sand.  Some of the sand will just blow away, but most will be vacuumed up by street sweeping trucks in a couple of months.

The south east end of Pleasant Lake is in the background behind the parked car.  By June, the lifeguards will be in place, the little lot crowded, and the small town beach full of swimmers.

Ooh, it was fun drawing these Sherpa-style woolen winter hats and gloves. I just stood there drawing with my small paper and Bic pencil at our town's Colonial Pharmacy, a sort of miniature department store in New London, NH. The tags and hooks are still attached to them as they await owners  All of these extremely warm and beautiful hat/mitten sets are made in Nepal.

A sale of winter clothing is really the first sign of spring here in our little, snowy town.

In our wintery, hilltop town, the only places the see (and sniff) flowers this week are the grocery store and the florist.  These spring plants are at the entrance to the Allioops flower shop.

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