Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Springtime in New Hampshire, Part 2

Stopping the car on Main Street of New London, NH, I drew the view over the fields to Mount Sunapee.  On March 12, the snow is only knee deep...therefore spring must surely be arriving soon. The spring skiing on the trails is better than average I hear, due to our recent snowy February.  I really do enjoy winter sketching because you can see through the trees, as well as understand the topography. I call it winter x-ray vision. Yes, there is a fence, a road, a car and a few houses.

Our woodlands here in New England are naturally mixed forests, that is both evergreens and deciduous trees.

Last Sunday, we joined the throngs (550 attendees, a record!) at the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce’s 18th annual Chocolate Challenge.  Eleven area caterers competed for honors, each with a delicious confection.  It was lunch for both of us.

We both voted for the dark cake produced by Bistro Nouveau in Grantham.  The presentation was impressive as well as the delicious taste.  I decided to draw the whole precise assembly line process as they were putting it all together. Think dark fudgey cake, perhaps flourless, topped with a ganache rosette. Horizontally balanced was the dark and white chocolate curl.  And a perfect little black fork, stuck in at just the correct angle.  Yum.

They won the People’s Choice Award.

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